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We Love The Planet

Our story

Born out of passion and love for the planet

Hi! We are We Love The Planet. Our mission? It is wrapped in our name. We love our earth like no other. She gives us so much and we want to protect it at all costs. That is why we make products that are good for you and your environment.

For us, that starts with being curious, asking critical questions, and continuously looking to see if things can be done differently. Or it could be better. More sustainable Because, like you, we also want to know where our ingredients come from. That what you apply is really the best for your skin. And what the impact is on the environment. We think it’s quite normal that you want to know that. We always say it’s natural. Just like our products, by the way

Yes, we go for care products without worries. From the ingredients we work with to the packaging, we always choose the most natural, sustainable and responsible way. So that you can use our products with a good feeling. And so do we, because we use it ourselves every day ;-). In this way we show together every day how much we love our planet. Nice isn’t it?


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